About Us

Correct Commissary, LLC (CC) offers a complete Inmate Commissary & Banking Service with installation and day to day operation at no cost to your facility. Our headquarters and warehouses, over 200,000 sq ft, are in Ruston, LA.  We are proud to be a sister company to Correct Solutions Group.  We provide complete commissary operational management and bulk product sales to commissaries in five states, serving over 16,000 inmates.

We are proud to offer products and a level of service that reflect how important your business is to us. Our entire staff is focused on understanding how our service effects your day-to-day operation. We take pride in using this knowledge to create a positive impact when serving you. While our customer base may not be the largest in the commissary market, the level of focus we have on each customer is beyond comparison.

Correct Commissary possesses all permits, license and professional credentials necessary to supply product and perform services as specified under this RFI.   

Delivery Information

Orders are delivered weekly to facilities and inmates.

Orders placed by 12 PM on Thursday will be delivered the following Thursday.